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I'm back


I am sill blogging like crazy at https://meddlingmedlars.wordpress.com/

My book is in print as a really big physical book.

We got a new dog. We decided young instead of old. We got a 8ish month lab-sheppard mix puppy and our lives are very different. We are very tired.

I am on new fibro meds and they are amazing. my pain levels are around a 1-2 daily instead of an 8! I might get back to BJJ except I'm huge and my gi doesn't fit.

I'm really big on oil painting right now. My white wolf Fian project is an oil portrait on copper.

j_v_lynch and I are narrowing in on our 20th wedding anniversary.

Lydia is a teenager.

Jul. 23rd, 2016

Lydia found out about the Lydia tag here on livejournal. She's been laughing until she cries for the last few hours.


Other blogs

I have two other blogs that I've been updating like crazy lately instead of here. Less person than this one has been but I'm enjoying it.


I miss you Shadow

So on Friday, April 29, 2016, we had to put Shadow down. He stopped being able to stand without help, and then he couldn't walk very far without help.

We had a vet come to the house and we were able to hold him in the back yard while he went to sleep for the last time.

My heart is broken. I thought I was ready, it was time obviously, but I'm destroyed.

I know its only been a few days and I should get better, but it feels like hell right now. My house is so empty. My heart is so empty.


CHatting with buttongirl for 12 hours in the car has led me to believe that I am mildly obsessed with lapidary now. She was very polite as I prattled on.

I had a good day today. I've been having lots of bad days lately so I am very surprised. I think going right back to bed after everyone left in the morning and sleeping past 11:00 am helped a great deal.

I sent out the KA&S judges schedule today. Tomorrow I send out the entrants. So far so good.

Shadow is not doing well. JOhn had to carry him up the stairs. I don't know what I am going to do without him home tomorrow. Doggie diapers? Vet visit on Friday. Maybe there is a magic drug we can give him.

Still covered in hives from whatever it was thst i was exposed to at Tournoi. I have no idea what it was.

The event was fun though!

I filmed all of j-v-lynch's fights and he watched them later and was able to see the problem he was having with his fights. Big win!

Im franticly making trim for lynch's elevation outfit. I was hoping id have more time.


So yesterday I spent 12 hours making a small flat stone into a small roundish stone, fucked up the last step and need to restart the step I took 3 hours before hand. Before I fucked it up the stone got the cabochon glow so it was heading in the right direction.

Wednesday I will try to fix my mistakes or prep a new one.

I slept really good last night because I was soooo tired from the class.

Today I work up with sore hamstrings so I thought I was going to be screwed for productivity today. I was wrong. Some movement got rid of the soreness (FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE) and I had a very productive day. I cleaned the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, with a little de-cluttering of the living-room too. I also went to Michael's Craft's, the Library and to Lydia's harp lesson.


My fibro-meds are the awesome!

I got the next book club book from the library and I think I will be done it by midnight. It is really interesting so far.
So after 1 or two days I got an email from the editor "oh oh" thinks I. Nothing to worry about. I had to fix 4 things. One of which was I had left "(Diane?)" in a pastry recipe, which I ran past Diane.

I think me finishing the book has pissed some people off. I wasn't prepared for jealousy. Its hard to go "well fuck you guys" because what I want to do is share my joy.

weerdgrrl gave me a suggestion for a class to teach at Pennsic/50th/etc: What is that ingredient supposed to be?: Redacting recipes with strange ingredients. Define things like Cony, Cirtrill Cucumber, Capon, Wethers, Service Berry, and cooking terms like "Manus Christi" stuff like that. Maybe getting into what apples, pears etc breeds are period. Im super excited about it.
Today was the first day I've been productive in a week. Lydia and I were pathetic sick bunnies watching TV all day and eating ice cream all week.

I did 3 hours on the computer to push to finish my book. I ran around to do a bunch of errands too.

I then spend the evening trying to carve intaglios and polishing the ones I did yesterday. It took longer to polish than to carve them. However I am having trouble removing the polishing compound.
SO I have a few things to move around in the book and one more recipe to make and then it goes back to publisher. Bounce the last few ideas off of <siglinde99.

Practicum is coming up fast. We opened up the class registration last night. Zoom!

Lydia has been sick since THursday night. She is improving slowly. I think j_v_lynch is fighting it. I had it too.

I'm going to the poly meet-up at the end of the month. I had so much fun at the last one WHERE I DIDN"T KNOW ANYONE that I thought I'd try again.


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